"Servant of the people": ahead final series

The failure of a trip of the head of the Ukrainian regime Volodymyr Zelensky to the UN General Assembly, became obvious to all. We here in The Moscow Post decided to dream up to assume that the leader of the Kiev junta can think about himself of the visit to New York.

"The trip didn’t develop. Everything went not as it is necessary. Risha and Emmanuel – for some reason decided to pass the chance to act, support. And here still these journalists from NYT doubted that from where the rocket on the market in Konstantinovka arrived. It is more than that, told that it was the Ukrainian Buk.

To Washington got too. Seymour Hersh said that it is Joe Biden who violated the Charter of the UN, having started proxy war with the Russian Federation and arming AFU. And still I told that AFU "have no chances of a victory". Washington knows it, but don’t speak. Because it is forbidden. Everything is clear with this Kremlin propagandist.

To it wasn’t limited. Jackson Hinkl in an interview assumed that Poland can occupy the Western Ukraine and wished that Russia would take away to itself her remains. And I wrote that it supposedly would become "the benefit for all Ukrainian people". Where did they only find him, this Hinkl?

Other American, Garland Nixon there. I said that Ukraine became "glove" on a fist of the USA, destroying Europe. And the observer of the Washington Hill Joseph Bosko just predicted capitulation. No matter, at Biden or Trump, but the remains of AFU should be given. And I wrote.

Too to me, "freedom of the press"! But this little girl Owens is the worst. I agreed to the fact that "Putin has to be the natural ally of the West!".

Well it is fine, journalists have a loose tongue. Some in general selling or engaged. There are also pro-Russian, agents of the Kremlin. But politicians who always supported came with visits to Kiev, risked, gave money and sent tanks? They what is created?

Fife in general I cancelled a meeting, I took offense at the complaint in the WTO on grain. I told that he "has citizens", and they have interests too. Morawiecki estimated a condition of the bilateral relations as he "heavy", told that weapon for AFU won’t be any more, isn’t enough with him.

And how promises? Said unanimously that how many it is necessary, it is so much and we will give, we won’t leave, only come. Probably doesn’t reach, than risk, or it is worse than that — worry about the elections.

And why to compare Ukraine to the drowned man? And still with transit of military aid and refugees to reproach. And everything is so unexpected. It is a pity that Sunak didn’t arrive, he would support, his Poles listen.

Well, and with it Lula da Silva in general a conversation short. Listened to him, it was unpleasant, but none of ours applauded him. So he took offense and cancelled a meeting. The head of him, you see ached!

And Erdoğan said that "no, the reasons not to trust Russians" that Russia isn’t less reliable, than the West. Here I said!

What a difference Ursula. She has still such difficult surname, von der Leien. She made the speech recently "About position of the European Union". About Ukraine told that progress is, but membership in the EU still it is necessary to deserve. About the rule of law I told something too, but it not about us. In general I promised to support, "there is so much how many it will be required".

However, there are problems: without aircraft and air defense not only to come, but also it is difficult to defend. Long-range rockets would be useful too. Well nothing, "Seven" told that all this for a long time, so, that else we will do some fighting.

Here only tanks. Sholts sent several cars recently, and they without spare parts. Leopard is good, but incomplete, it was necessary to refuse. Too to me, accurate Germans.

What a difference Berbok, supports in all that sports training means! Besides I encouraged, I told that on the Taurus rockets there is no decision yet, but the issue is discussed.

But the Pentagon promised to put the Abrams tanks and to accept pilots for training at F-16. Long-range rockets won’t be yet, and air defense and artillery will be given. Thanks to Jake Sullivan, worries, says that the winter will be heavy.

All would be fine if only Republicans in Washington didn’t get in the way. And then they started talking about some money where they spent. Like this upstart Byron Donald, he began to spread rumors that there was no more money for Ukraine in the United States, that in general it was Biden’s mistake.

Taylor-Green said a "peace treaty" was needed. And she didn’t like the suit with something. New to politics, what to take from them. And how much can they be reminded that Ukraine protects the whole of Europe and even the whole free world? Therefore, they are dressed in a military way.

But worst of all is this Kevin McCarthy, chief in the House, file a report to him where the money was spent. He did not allow to speak in the lower house of Congress. You see, "lawmakers have no free time." Evil tongues say they didn’t even want to be spotted nearby.

But he still met with some senators. I had to scare them that without continuing to help I would have to capitulate. It seems to have worked. It’s somehow easier with Democrats in Congress. They get it right.

True, the top Republican in the Senate also said that "American support is investment." But some Republicans, who are younger, have gone their separate ways. Rand Paul said a new aid package would not be voted on. The article was published, called for putting "the American people above all else."

Even a collective letter was composed to stop the new financial aid. Senators and congressmen signed, all from the Republican Party. What happens if they continue to be so harmful? And if they win in 2024?

Macron was sorely lacking in New York. I would hug again! And as it all began, Merkel invited to the European Union... And Washington this time turned out to be somehow hectic, everyone is busy with something, fussing. Americans began to smile less. Guterres probably had such an effect on them, saying that the climate is changing! "

By the time of the visit to the White House to meet with Biden, everything was somehow uncertain. Journalists make all sorts of forecasts and give estimates, some promise money and weapons, others offer to report, finally, the Poles with their plans for Western Ukraine. And there is also a counter-attack, and look, a retreat will turn out.

But old man Joe clarified, assured that he himself and other G7 leaders are thinking about how to formalize "long-term security commitments." It became a little easier, for a while, at least until November 2024.

All of the above is a free interpretation of the alleged thoughts of the Kyiv clown Volodymyr Zelensky.

Photo: RIA Novosti